Own Your Awesome

I recently watched a video with a boy who called himself Kid President and it was a reminder that if we all own our individual AWESOME, the world would be a better place.  Kid President’s videos are funny and clever and he uses them to inspire viewers and remind us that we can all do little things that will improve our lives, help our communities and positively impact the world.

It is high time you own your awesome…and that I own mine.  But how?

Step one is to recognize what it looks like.

For some, the feeling of awesome comes in  waves and crashes upon us triggered usually by some event.  For a few, it is something that we knowingly carry with us and readily tap into when the timing is right.  But how many people realize their awesome on a daily basis?  How many of us own our awesome and proactively share it with others?  And how many go their whole life, having moments of awesome, but never recognize it?

Have you ever accomplished a goal and felt like you could burst with excitement?  Did you ever find a way to get something that seemed out of reach led only by sheer determination and desire? Have you ever done something that you never thought you would be able to and the feeling of greatness was so strong, it seemed you could almost break a piece off?

If you can relate to these situations, you have experienced AWESOME.  The knowledge that what you just did, shared or built was truly amazing.  The validation that you are much more than most people realize…including yourself.

You are prolific….